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Welcome to the home page of writer and pilot Martyn Blunden.

Formerly a commercial flying instructor and examiner, I now divide my time between a new career in writing fantasy adventure novels for children and lecturing in aviation studies for budding commercial pilots. My third novel was published in 2018, following the success of the first two time-travelling adventure stories involving Charlie Green and his magical aeroplane – Jenny – where Back to the Future meets Horrible Histories.

In the first book, Charlie Green and The Pirate’s Treasure, Charlie, with his siblings and friend George, travel back in time in search of a treasure map, to find the infamous, 17th century pirate, Captain William Kidd. However, due to Charlie’s impetuous nature, they firstly end up in the hands of a more notorious pirate – Blackbeard! It is the beginning of some amazing adventures. In the garden of their new home is an old shed that, within which, is an Aladdin’s cave of antiquities and also the secret to their newly discovered form of adventure. It is here that the intrigue and search begins for someone who has been missing for many years.

In my second book, Charlie Green and The Underground Railroad, the time-travellers journey back to the time of the American Civil War. This time they are on a quest to find a very brave woman – Harriet Tubman – an escaped slave herself, she helped many others on their way to freedom through the Underground Railroad movement. She had performed many heroic actions in freeing slaves and during the American Civil War worked as a spy, nurse and scout for the Union Army of the north. This made her a wanted woman with the Confederates, with a large reward offer for her arrest. However, although she tried, she had been unsuccessful in freeing her sister from slavery. Having learned about her in history lessons at school, Charlie’s brother, Ben, decides they should seek her out and to try and help her achieve that goal. After gathering together items they need for the trip from the weird woman at the local antiquities Emporium, they set off again. But it isn’t long before talkative Charlie manages to put their plan in jeopardy and their idea of help starts to unravel.

In 2018 my third book, Charlie Green and the Knights of the Round Table, was published. After a school trip to a museum Charlie learns of an ancient long lost parchment which tells of a new chapter in history to be written about the fabled castle of Camelot and the Order of the Knights of the Round Table. Charlie was already fascinated by the legend of King Arthur and now he finds a reason to travel back to the mythical time of the sixth century, where he encounters enchanted woods and befriends a dragon – as well as getting into serious trouble trying to reach the mystical island of Avalon. Access to the island is protected by the occupants of the enchanted woodland and unseen creatures that patrol the depths of Lake Avalon and the legendary wizard, Merlin. Charlie is driven by the knowledge he has been given, to save the friendship between King Arthur and his one-time right-hand man Sir Lancelot, and also the life of Queen Guinevere.

The books are available direct from the publisher, Matador, Amazon, or most high street book shops.

Charlie Green and the Pirate’s Treasure now available on Kindle.

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