Welcome to Martyn Blunden

Author of Charlie Green and The Pirate’s Treasure

Formerly a commercial flying instructor and examiner, I now divide my time between a new career in writing fantasy adventure novels for children and lecturing in aviation studies for budding commercial pilots.

Here you see me outside Shoreham Airport’s historic art deco terminal building – the backdrop many many a film shoot, and the place where I began my flying career before we had a decimal currency!

Learn more about my books on My Books page where you are introduced to Charlie Green and his magical time-travelling aeroplane – Jenny – in adventures where Back to the Future meets Horrible Histories.

The books are available direct from the publisher, Matador, Amazon and many other online retailers.

Also high street books shops such as Waterstones and most independents stock my books, which if we want them to survive need your support. If you live in my local area, Steyning Bookshop is particularly worth a visit as that is the town where I grew up and where you might recognize some of my book settings!

Click the links below to purchase from Amazon or my publisher, Matador.

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Credit: Brian Spicer