Charlie Green and The Gods of Pompeii

After holidaying nearby to the ruins of Pompeii, Charlie learns that the volcanic eruption in AD79 buried the city of Pompeii, and many of its residents perished as a result under metres of ash and pumice. Struck by this, Charlie resolves to save  group of school children from a grisly death. But at home the secret he has kept from his mother is at risk of unraveling, and he is putting himself in more danger than he realizes.

Unbeknown to her children, their mother, Laura, enlists the help of those which have knowledge of the worlds beyond the normal mortal and even paranormal to answer questions that fester in her mind about her home – strange happenings ever since they had arrived at Pegasus Ride. She has a sixth sense that she is being watched and that the watcher would prefer she moved out.

Meanwhile on his travels, unseen adversaries appear from both heaven and earth, to add to the trouble brewing back in the modern-day Green household – Charlie will need all his irrepressible charm, innocent guile and courage to be successful this time. However, the ancient Gods might not be so easily swayed… 

Perhaps Charlie’s most dangerous mission yet, the timing has to right or disaster could befall him when he travels back in time to scene of the legendary eruption of Mount Vesuvius. A time when ancient Gods vied for the worship of the earthling human race, and if not honoured in a way they felt they were due, could make life very difficult for the mortals on earth – including Charlie!