Charlie Green and the Knights of the Round Table

When an old man in a museum reveals some long lost parchments which contain a confession by Merlin, the great wizard and advisor to to King Arthur, and a revelation of treachery within Camelot, Charlie knows that history will have to be rewritten. He must travel back in time to warn King Arthur and stop the millennia old lies that Sir Lancelot betrayed his beloved king. Charlie was already fascinated by the legend of King Arthur and now he finds a reason to travel back to the mythical time of the sixth century, where he encounters enchanted woods and befriends a dragon – as well as getting into serious trouble trying to reach the mystical island of Avalon.

Charlie knows little about the century he is visiting and upon arrival finds great difficulty in persuading its inhabitants to listen to him. The answer to his problems is locked away on the magical island of Avalon and is guarded by many, entrusted with total protection of its secrets. Access to the island is protected by the occupants of the enchanted woodland and unseen creatures that patrol the depths of Lake Avalon and the legendary wizard, Merlin. Charlie is driven by the knowledge he has been given, to save the friendship between King Arthur and his one-time right-hand man Sir Lancelot, and also the life of Queen Guinevere. His intrigue nearly costs him dearly…

Join with Charlie on his adventure to the period before the ‘Dark Ages’ when chivalrous knights in shining amour kept England safe from invaders and the secret world of ancient magic was known to a select few – passed down through the ages – and used for both good and evil. Ancient powers of which Charlie was ignorant, yet this time is going to need, and which he already has a closer link than he realizes!

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