Charlie Green and The Pirate’s Treasure

Where Back to the Future meets Horrible Histories!

Charlie Green is a courageous, good-natured 11-year-old. After moving to a new house next to a disused airfield, he ignores his mother’s strict orders to stay well away and convinces his brother to join him in his exploration. There, in one of the dilapidated hangars, they find a secret aeroplane with magical abilities. In the garden of their new home they discover in the undergrowth an old shed that, within which, is an Aladdin’s cave of antiquities and also the secret to their newly discovered form of adventure.

Oliver, the previous owner of their home, mysteriously disappeared many years before and left behind his special transport. Due to a mistake, he is actually stuck in the past, aboard a sailing ship in the 17th century. He is on a quest to find a treasure map belonging to the infamous pirate Captain William Kidd, but how successful his plans for finding the treasure will be depends upon  the ingenuity of the Green siblings…

Their new home holds many secrets, but will they discover them in time to rescue Oliver from the clutches of bloodthirsty pirates?

Discover historical facts with Charlie as he unlocks the secrets of his new found time-machine!

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