Charlie Green and The Underground Railroad

Charlie is the sort of boy any parent would want: handsome, good-natured and bold. He lives his life to the full, as full as any 11-year-old can make it. He, along with his siblings Ben and Olivia, share a special secret: a magical aeroplane named Jenny that can take them anywhere they wish to go – including back in time!

This time they are on a quest to find a very brave woman – Harriet Tubman – an escaped slave herself, she helped many others on their way to freedom through the Underground Railroad movement. She had performed many heroic actions in freeing slaves and during the American Civil War worked as a spy, nurse and scout for the Union Army of the north. This made her a wanted woman with the Confederates, with a large reward offer for her arrest. However, although she tried, she had been unsuccessful in freeing her sister from slavery.

Having learned about Harriet in his history lessons at school, Charlie’s brother, Ben, decides they should seek her out and to try and help her achieve that goal. After gathering together various items of the period they need for the trip from the ‘weird woman’ at the local antiquities Emporium, they set off again. But it isn’t long before talkative Charlie manages to put their plan in jeopardy and their idea of help starts to unravel…

Travel with Charlie and his time travelling companions to the period of the American Civil War to help a heroine in need. But this time one of them has a one way ticket!

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