Two out three Ain’t Bad! No, not th2e song by Meat Loaf, but sunny days at the Goodwood Revival last weekend! As usual a fantastic display of vintage racers was on display as well as some


One of my favourites – an 1932 Alfa Tipo B.

gorgeous aircraft on static display and flying. Almost everyone was playing their part in the themed event with lovely ladies and dapper gents in appropriate outfits and the odd cameo roles of various groups that percolate around the Goodwood Racetrack venue, like C.O’Medy – the road menders. In the past I have flown in, as a charter pilot delivering customers, but this year I arrived by car like most do and should have got there earlier to miss the queue!

I was lucky to have a Paddock Pass – thanks to a close friend – which meant I could mingle with some really expensive motors! Ferrari’s, Bugatti’s, Maserati’s and even equally classic MG’s. Friday was practice day with racing on Saturday and Sunday.

Another impressive piece of kit was the reproduction Albatross DVA with an equally impressive reproduction Mercedes 180hp DIIIA engine to power it. The build company, The Vintage Aviator Ltd of New Zealand, spent years reverse engineering the aeroplane and all its components including the engine and it’s built to fly, not sit in a museum. Its current home is Stow Maries airfield in Essex, the only extant WW1 period military airfield still with many of its original buildings. Many of these have now been restored and it has been turned in to visitor attraction


My old mate poses by the side of the Albatross with period straw hat!

with volunteers manning the museum, café and restoration workshops.


The cockpit has very little in the way of instrumentation compared to what a modern day pilot would expect!

It was good of Goodwood to give me a mention over the loudspeaker system on Sunday – I should have taken some copies of Charlie Green and The Pirate’s Treasure along! They had a De Havilland Foxmoth there, which is bi-plane passenger aeroplane, but not a DH50 that is the magical type in my stories. The Goodwood Revival certainly is a jewel in the crown of the classic motor racing circuit and makes a great fun day out. There were a few sights to inspire me with ideas for characters in my next book too. I also bumped into the artist Simon Canacott who has illustrated a copy of Charlie Green and The Pirate’s Treasure as he read it.