My latest book follows the adventures of Charlie when he decides to visit Pompeii in the days leading up to the momentous eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. At home his mother is also on a quest to learn more about a strange supernatural presence she feels sure lurks around her isolated house. To that end she enlists the help of the local vicar – to try and make contact with it if such a thing does exist. In Pompeii, Charlie has his own ‘higher being’ to deal with in the form of the Greek God Zeus, who happens to be a bit displeased with the young time-traveller!

Those who have read Charlie’s previous adventures will be familiar with Emilie’s Emporium and this journey is no different in requiring the peculiar talents of the owner, but her secret is in danger of being unraveled by his mother’s intervention. Charlie also learns some more of the secrets of his special time-travelling machine – which will be more than a shock to one particular person – his friend and mentor Oliver.

Please support your local independent bookshop to obtain your copy of Charlie Green and the Gods of Pompeii, as, like every other small business (authors included!) the past year has been very challenging.