Celebrating world book day at St Mary’s school in Portslade was a great success. Most of the kids dressed up as their favorite character and warmly welcomed me to their school. With a student as tech assistant on the computer/projector the presentation was received with great enthusiasm especially with the artefacts I took along. Then I spent some time with each of the yr 3-6 classes for a Q and A session. The local paper – The Argus – also came along to take some photos. Thanks kids for a lovely time.

The following day I visited Shoreham Academy where some students from Shoreham College joined us to make a total of around 400 year 7 for a forty-five minute talk. Lots of questions (including about my next book) at the end and lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘arhs’ when I produced the flintlock and Sir Lancelot sword! And lots of books sold – which is a nice bonus. Thanks guys.